Zend Framework update fails on IBM i. Zend Server failed to download the library package. Error creating SSL context ()



While attempting to update one of the Zend Framework libraries, this message appears:

Zend Server failed to download the library package.
Error creating SSL context ()


Zend Server for IBM i, versions 6 and 7
IBM i all supported versions


On the same dialog that displays the error, there is a link to download the file manually.  Click the link to do the manual download.  Make note of the file name and the directory it was downloaded into.  Once the download completes, deploy the library using the Deploy Library button.  Once deployed, the new version will be listed along with the existing prior versions.  You can choose to make the new version the default during deployment, or at any time after deploying by selecting the "Set as default version" icon.

Note: Please do not attempt to unzip the downloaded file.
Often, when downloading software, it is a common step to unzip the downloaded file in order to be able to run the installer.  However, for Zend Deployment, the file does not need to be unzipped.  The file extension is .zpk, which is a specific format for Zend Deployment.  Attempting to install the unzipped file may result in this message: "The uploaded file is not a valid package. Further details can be found in deployment.log"
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    Jeff Petters

    edited the formatting a little, can we add some notes about the Environment here please?

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    Zvika Dror

    Commenting about headers order.
    This is IBM i specific. Issue and Solution are 1-2-3 flow.

    This should give better readability and "abort" if non-relevant (like non-IBM-i ENV)
    Environment (Applicable to - OS, Zend Server version, PHP version, Web server version, SSL version etc.)
    Issue (Problem)
    Resolution (Proposed solution, workaround, setup etc.)

    To elaborate on the design / tech / inner working and add any troubleshooting or follow up text, a "Notes" or "Additional Info" should be added.


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