Zend Studio for IBMi - Failed to communicate with Zend Debugger


Note: This is a server-side issue, specific to IBMi, Failed to communicate with Zend Debugger.

IBMi OS 6.1 -7.2

Studio listens on several IP addresses, e.g. ",," and sends all addresses to the Debugger used.

Zend Debugger attempts to respond back on all addresses listed, while with IBMi the failure to connect to the first address ( fails the process.

Check the following parameter value used with remote debugging:

From the Zend Studio tool bar -> Windows -> Preferences -> PHP ->
Debug -> Installed Debuggers
Select the "Zend Debugger"  and click the "configure" button.
Change the value in the "Client host IP to Include your Studio IP Address and remove the entry or make it the second entry. (example:,

use a clean work space.
File => Switch Workspace => Other, and simply rename the default name.


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