Zend Studio for IBMi - Include XMLService Toolkit classes as a Library


XMLService Toolkit classes, not available for code completion and functions declaration. 

IBMi OS 6.1 - 7.2

To access the Zend Studio XMLService Toolkit Classes and Coding options, you will need to add the Toolkit directory in the project include path.

From the Zend Studio tool bar -> Windows -> Preferences -> PHP ->
PHP Libraries -> Click the "New"  button to add a Library, enter a name(i.e XMLServiceToolkit)
Click the "Add External Folder"  locate the XMLService Toolkit directory

The XMLService is deployed via the Zend Server as a Library located in:

Also available in previous directory folder: '/usr/local/zendsvr6/share/ToolkitAPI'
For a specific Project:
Right click the project and select -> Include Path -> Configure Include Path
Note: You might need to map a drive, or download the folder to your local PC
Set up a mapped network drive, and access it within Studio as you would a local drive. Mapping a network drive to your server:

Note that in Studio version 10, the local connection (including mapped network drives) is no longer shown in the RSE perspective.
However, a mapped network drive can be used to set the location for a new project. So, the mapped drive does not show in RSE, but it is still a valid way to connect to IFS for Studio.

In the PHP perspective, in the PHP Explorer pane, right click and select New -> PHP Project. In the dialog that appears, select the 'Create project at existing location (from existing source)' radio button. Browse, and find the mapped drive in the Browse dialog, and navigate to the folder you want to use on the IFS.