How to run the Support Tool on IBM i



An issue occurred with Zend Server that needs further research.


Zend Server for IBM i Version 6 or higher running on any supported version of IBM i


To run the Support Tool, please go to a 5250 command line and go to the Zend Server menu:

Zend Server 9:

go zendphp7/zsmaint

Zend Server 8.5.3 to current version of 8.x:

go zendsvr6/zsmaint

Zend Server 6, 7, or 8 prior to 8.5.3:

go zendsvr6/zsmenu

For Zend Server versions 8.5.3 or higher, please use option "40. Run Support Tool".

For previous Zend Server versions, please use option "3. Run Support Tool".

A job named ZSVR_REP will be submitted.  You should be able to find this job by using this command on the command entry line in the menu: 

wrksbmjob *job

Please allow this job to complete.  This job should output a single page to QPRINT telling the path and name of the archive file.

The Support Tool archive output will be in a file named according to this pattern:


$TIMESTAMP will be replaced by the actual timestamp. For example, if the Support tool was run on July 2, 2013 at 14:15:43, the file would be:


When opening a case with Zend Support, please include this file as an attachment.  If responding to an email sent to you from an existing Support case, please attach this file as an email attachment on your response. One easy way to do this is to use iSeries Navigator to locate the file in the Integrated File System, then drag the file out of Navigator onto your desktop, then drag the file from your desktop into your case submission form or email reply.

Note:  If the output file is too big to send, it is likely that the php.log file has become too big.  Here is an article that can help you keep the php.log file from becoming too large:

php.log rotation for IBM i

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    David Zarder

    I tried running the Zend Support Tool but got the following outout in the spool file:

    zend_server_report_bug_061815113447.tar: Value too large to be stored in data type

    Could not create the archive, leaving /tmp/report_bug_061815113447 behind for you to archive manually.

  • Avatar
    Ira Chandler

    Got the same thing, but there was a 3G file in the /tmp folder that was a .TAR file. Rotate your logs!

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    Kenneth K.Gidley

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