Reset Zend Server for IBM i


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The Zend Server reset stops and restarts both the Zend Server subsystem and the ZENDSVR6 Apache instance, as well as cleans up some IPC objects and other things.  This is a good procedure to perform if any Zend Server components are producing unexpected results.


Zend Server for IBM i version 6 or higher, running on any supported version of IBM i.


Log into a 5250 session as QSECOFR.  (The user MUST be QSECOFR to get UID zero, no other user has this UID, even a *SECOFR class user will not have it).  From the command line:

For version 9:

go zendphp7/zsmaint

Use option "41. Reset Zend Server environment". 

For version 8.5:

go zendsvr6/zsmaint

Use option "41. Reset Zend Server environment". 

For version 6, 7, or 8:

go zendsvr6/zsmenu

Use option "9. Reset Zend Server environment". 

Wait for all of these messages to display:

Stopping Zend Server jobs

Clearing shared memory ...

Zend Server environment is reset
All Zend Server jobs are restarted

Use F3 to exit.  After the reset, check to see that all Zend Server jobs have restarted.  This article can help you with that:

Verify Zend Server for IBM i has started successfully

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    Greg Walker

    Is there a way to run the reset from a command line?

    Would like to schedule a nightly job that will reset Zend to help keep the monitor job under control. Without a reset is will creep up to over 40% (or more) of the CPU while the system is running at 80 some percent. These numbers are based on a timeframe of over 30 minutes, sometimes over a couple hours.

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