After installing Zend Server 7 for IBM i, can't log in. "Tasks not completed!" message.


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After installing Zend Server 7 for IBM i, the first access of the User Interface (also sometimes referred to as the Admin) in your web browser may fail during the license generation.  After that, attempts to access the User Interface may show a message:

Tasks not completed!

It may also be observed that the ZSDAEMON job that runs the zsd module crashes and restarts repeatedly.  There will be a large number of job logs for jobs named ZSDAEMON showing a message similar to this:

MCH6801    Escape                  40   08/29/14  22:48:51.240724  <                        000000   QP2USER2 
                                     From Program  . . . . . . . :   tia_fault                                
                                     To module . . . . . . . . . :   QP2API                                   
                                     To procedure  . . . . . . . :   runpase_common__FiPvT2                   
                                     Statement . . . . . . . . . :   2                                        
                                     Thread  . . . . :   000000E1                                             
                                     Message . . . . :   Object domain or storage protection error for offset
                                       X'0000000000000000' in object ZSDAEMON  QTMHHTTP  023595.             


Newly installed Zend Server 7 for IBM i running on any version of IBM i.


To do this procedure you will need Navigator, a web browser, and a 5250 command line. 

On the 5250 command line:

go zendsvr6/zsdaemon

This will bring you to the Zend Server 7 for IBM i ZS Daemon Management Menu.

Use option "2. Stop Zend Server Daemon".

Stay in the menu.  Using the command line at the bottom of the menu:

wrkactjob sbs(zendsvr6)

Look for any jobs named ZSDAEMON on the "Work with Active Jobs" display.  If there are any, wait a couple of minutes and use F5 to redisplay.  If the ZSDAEMON jobs will not end after several minutes, use option 4 to end them.  You may need to be patient, they can take a while to end, even after taking option 4.  Make sure there are no jobs named ZSDAEMON on this display.

Go to Navigator.  Find file /usr/local/zendsvr6/var/db/devbar.db .  The file will have a size of 0KB.  Rename it to anything you like, example devbar.db.old.  Download the zip file attached to this article (down at the bottom of the article) to your desktop and unzip it.  The unzipped file will be devbar.db.  Drag this file onto the /usr/local/zendsvr6/var/db directory.  (In Navigator, you have to drag the file onto the directory where it is listed.  You can't just drag it into the pane that shows the contents of the directory.)

Use F5 to refresh the directory.  You should now see your renamed file, and the devbar.db file you just dragged into the directory.  It should be 79KB.

Return to the 5250 display, where the "Work with Active Jobs" display should still be up.  Use F3 to return to the Daemon Management menu.

Use option "1. Start Zend Server Daemon".

Using the command line at the bottom of the menu:

wrkactjob sbs(zendsvr6)  

Look for the ZSDAEMON jobs.  You may see several at first, but after hitting F5 enough times, you should eventually see just two, running the watchdog and zsd programs:

ZSDAEMON     QTMHHTTP    BCI      .0  PGM-watchdog     THDW
ZSDAEMON     QTMHHTTP    BCI      .1  PGM-zsd          RUN

You should now be able to enter the User Interface in your browser and complete the licensing process successfully.


It is not yet known why sometimes the devbar.db file is created with a size of zero.  This is a SQLite data base, and it should be populated with empty tables when it is installed.  This does not happen during every installation, and we have never been able to get it to happen here at Zend.

The attached file below that is used to replace the 0KB file is a properly initialized SQLite devbar.db data base with the required tables built.  Zend R&D will be adding a solution to test for the empty file and populate it so that the error condition causing the zsd crashes will not be encountered.  This solution will be applied to a new release of Zend Server 7.


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    Tony Payne

    We had exactly the same problem, this article wasn't easy to find but fixed it.

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    Graham Beardsley

    Phew, thank goodness for Rod Flohr and Google!

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    Christian Hoermann

    We had exactly the same problem, our old devbar.db has 62kb not 0kb. This article fixed it. Thanks a lot rod, for your help. sry about my bad english