Zend Server UI Is Not Showing In Browser



Zend Server on CentOS

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Admin UI URL is unreachable in browser, even though Zend Server is installed successfully on CentOS and all Zend services are up and running.



1. Check if firewall rules are enforced

iptables -L

2. Temporarily flush all rules if there are blocking ones, to test the Admin UI again

iptables -F

3. If indeed the rules are blocking Zend Server UI, you should consider long term fix:

3a. Configure iptables to allow all or just wanted clients to reach Zend Server UI

3b. disable firewall completely if you are on virtualized or local development server, and you do not need any network restrictions.

Please follow up with the CentOS IPTables Reference as needed.

Security Note: There is an automatic iptables configuration for a newly installed CentOS server, which is safe to modify and even disable in development environment. If this is not a development server and network security is important to your organization, please consult the administrator and log any changes you make on the server, including the original 'iptables -L' output.


After managing iptables you should reach the Zend Server Admin UI. If you still have a problem, please open a support ticket and we would be happy to assist.