When I attempt to access the Zend Server UI, I see "Server not available" or "Webpage not available".



Trying to access the Zend Server UI, the browser returns "Server not available" or "Webpage not available."  The exact message will vary from browser to browser.  How can I start troubleshooting?


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This may not resolve all instances of the issue, but will help eliminate some common problems.  The following assumes you are attempting to access the UI via http://localhost:10081

  1. Ensure that the port is open.
    • Windows:
      netstat -tan | find "10081"
    • Linux and OS X
      netstat -tnap | grep 10081
  2. Ensure that the relevant web-server is running.
    • Windows, using Apache:
      c:\> sc query "Apache2.2-Zend"
    • Windows, using IIS
      c:\> sc query "W3SVC"
    • Linux or OS X
      sudo /usr/local/zend/bin/zendctl.sh status | grep lighttpd
  3. If the web server is running but nothing is listening on port 10081, check the configuration for the web server.  If you need assistance, open a case with Zend Support.
  4. If the the web server is running and listening to port 10081, check to make sure the domain name is resolving to the proper host.
    ping localhost


The reason for the message can vary, but the above steps will start the troubleshooting process.  The web server that runs the Zend Server UI varies by platform.  In Linux and OS X, the UI runs on lighttpd. In Windows, the UI runs on Apache or IIS.


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    Philipp Schreiber

    Under OSX 10.8 only this netstat command worked:
    netstat -tna | grep 10081

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    Philipp Schreiber

    All the steps above showed no problems, yet Zend Server 8 still does not respond in browser