Oops! I Deleted a Default Library From Zend Server!



Zend Server 6.x, 7.x.


One of the Libraries deployed in Zend Server was accidentally removed, and needs to be restored.


Option 1: Get initial version from Backup

The original ZPK for each library is available on the server for re-deployment.

Simply change the file extension from zpk.bak to zpk.

Windows: D:\Apps\Zend\ZendServer\data\libraries

Linux / Mac: /usr/local/zend/var/libraries

IBM i: /usr/local/zendsvr6/var/libraries

Option 2: Get latest version from Library Update URL

The update URL for each library contains a JSON response which includes details on the latest version, and a download link to the ZPK for deployment / upgrade.

The following list includes the default libraries.

Note: Actual ZPK version will be updated, so check the Update URL for latest version.

Zend Framework 1

Update URL: https://packages.zendframework.com/zpk/zf1_up.json

ZPK download: https://packages.zendframework.com/zpk/ZendFramework-1.12.8.zpk

Zend Framework 2

Update URL: https://packages.zendframework.com/zpk/zf2_up.json

ZPK download: https://packages.zendframework.com/zpk/ZendFramework-2.3.2.zpk

Symfony 2

Update URL: http://zs.symfony.com/releases-2.3.json

ZPK download: http://zs.symfony.com/symfony-2.3.19.zpk

Deploying the Missing Library

To redeploy, get hold of the Library ZPK file, and use the Zend Server admin UI "Applications" -> "Libraries" -> "Deploy Library" button, then follow the wizard.

You can also use CLI tools or Web APIs for deployment, like the zs-manage, ZendServerSDK etc. The Admin UI is the most intuitive way to go.


For more information about Zend Server Libraries, see the online reference.