Uninstall Zend Server for IBM i



This article tells how to uninstall Zend Server for IBM i, version 6 or later.  For version 5, please go here: Uninstall Zend Server 5 for IBM i


Zend Server for IBM i version 6 or later, running on any supported version of IBM i.


These are the steps to uninstall Zend Server 6 or higher for IBM i:

From the 5250 command line, signed on as QSECOFR or with a *SECOFR class profile:


End any jobs displayed.  Then:


Use option "12. Delete licensed programs"

Find product 6ZSVRPI, Zend Server for IBM i, on the list.  Use option 4 to Delete it.

If you are uninstalling for a clean install, and plan to reinstall the same version of the software, look at the description on this screen to determine the currently installed version of Zend Server and PHP, before you delete the licensed program.

The delete process will back up certain files to preserve configuration and application files.  The backup directory names will be in the format zendsvr6TIMESTAMP, where TIMESTAMP is a numeric timestamp representing the date and time the backup was made.  The backup directories will be /usr/local/zendsvr6TIMESTAMP and /www/zendsvr6TIMESTAMP.  These directories can be deleted manually once the backup is no longer needed.  If you plan to reinstall Zend Server, keep these directories.  You can use the contents to restore your settings.

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