Deployment Parameter Of Type Password Is Visible After Deployment



Zend Server 6.3, 7.0, Linux / Mac


When you have a deployment package with Password Parameter, it is hidden in the deployment wizard, but appears as open text in Zend Server UI under Application "User Parameters".


  1. Download and Extract the attached tarball
  2. CD to the patch directory 'zs_63_7_deployment_param_hide_ui_patch'
  3. Run '' to apply the patch.
  4. Review the User Parameters under the deployed Application section.

Result: The password(s) should be hidden as expected.

Note: You can revert the patch using ' -r' at later time, assuming the original files (ending with -back) were not modified or removed.

Note for Windows users: AS alternative to steps 1-3 above, You can manually extract the 2 phtml files, backup the original directory "X:\PATH-TO\Zend\ZendServer\gui\module\Deployment\views\deployment\web-api\1x3", then copy over the patched files and Review changes in the User Parameters section.

Final Fix

The fix is applied for next Zend Server version, there is no need to patch ZS UI files after 7.0.0.