Studio failed to connect sshd on IBM i - test SSH with ExtraPuTTY



Zend Studio displays a message similar to this:

Failed to connect sshd on "<some ip address>"


Any version of Zend Studio connecting to IBM i 6.1 or higher.


A failure to connect to SSH on the IBM i partition may mean you need to start or restart SSH.  Please see this article for details:

Studio failed to connect sshd on IBM i - verify SSH is started

Another reason you may fail to connect is if your user ID or password is more than 8 characters long:

Studio failed to connect sshd on IBM i - long user ID or password

If these articles do not help, please try making the SSH connection using another SSH terminal program, such as ExtraPuTTY. This can help determine if the problem is with Studio, or if it is in your connection.  You can find a free version of ExtraPuTTY that is very easy to use at:

In that software, you just need to put in the ip address for your IBM i, select the SSH button found just below the ip address, and click open. You are then presented with a black window that says "login as:". Put your user ID and press enter. You are then asked for your password. Type it in (the cursor doesn't move), and press enter. If you get a '$' prompt, you are in. If not, you should see some message.

If you cannot connect with ExtraPuTTY, then you may need to work with IBM support to get your SSH connection working. The problem could be in your network configuration, or there may be some other issue. You may want to ask your network administrator if port 22 is open on the IBM i.