ToolKit - Change the i5_COMD Coded Character Set Identifier(CCSID)


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[ Zend Core V2.x ]
[ IBM System i ]


The coded character set identifier (QCCSID) is used to specify the CCSID for the overall iSeries(AS400) system. As shipped, and at installation, the CCSID is set to CCSID 65535. You can change the coded character set identifier (QCCSID) system value. When you change this value, the default character set and code page system value (QCHRID) is changed to match the character set and code page of the coded character set identifier.       






Change the i5_COMD Daemon Coded Character Set Identifier(CCSID)

To change the i5_COMD daemon Coded Character Set Identifier(CCSID), run the following commands from an i5 command line:

  1. Include the Zend Core library in your library list ADDLIBLE ZENDCORE








  1. ZENDCORE/CFGEAC use F4 to prompt the command   
    • For the LIB parameter enter ZENDCORE
    • ENTER, for additional parameters
    • Change the CCSID parameter to desired value you want the server job to run with
    • By default, the CCSID is *HEX (65535)
    • Set here the CCSID you want the server job to run with.  CFGEAC LIB(ZENDCORE) CCSID(37)                            








  1. Set the CCSID for the user profile created during the Zend Products for i5/OS installation:
    • Check the i5 QCHRID and QCCSID System values WRKSYSVAL (QCHRID) (QCCSID)
    • Change the CCSID of the users NOBODY, NOGROUP, ZENDADMIN
    • Specify a value that reflects the language used by most of the system.


  1. The following range of values has been defined for QCCSID:                                                               
    • 00001-28671 IBM-registered CCSIDs       
    • 28672-65533 Reserved                            
    • 65535 or *HEX No conversion done 


Make sure you clear the event log file on a daily basis. CLRPFM FILE(ZENDCORE/LOGFILE)-see article on setting the log file for the i5_COMD




























A way to specifies the ToolKit daemon CCSID, it should be set based on the language installed on the system. QCCSID and the code page of QCHRID must always be compatible.

The ToolKit is embedded in ZendCore for IBM System i .

For more information on i5/OS commands see IBM Information Center (links below) 


Excerpt: Change the i5_COMD Coded Character Set Identifier(CCSID).

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Change the i5_COMD Coded Character Set Identifier(CCSID)

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