Unable to Start Web server, error log shows "Unable to view file mapping in Unknown"


Applies To: 

[ Zend Platform, Zend Core, ZPS ]
[ All operating systems ]


Apache fails to start, and you get the error "Unable to view file mapping in Unknown on line 0"

Technical Details

This problem might happen due to an incompatibility between Zend extensions and one of the extensions loaded in the PHP runtime

Conflicting extensions might be performing same activities as Zend extensions, like PHP Opcode acceleration, Caching, Loading encoded files, Debugging etc.

Resolution / Workaround

Comment out any extension which looks to be conflicting with Zend extensions

Places to look are:

  • php.ini, conf.d/php_configuration_files.ini - look for extension=[EXT_NAME] or zend_extension=[EXT_NAME]
  • phpinfo() output - look are the different sections (Extension names and configuration) to find suitable matches

After commenting out any suspicious extension, restart your Web server and see if it is loading all Zend extensions as configured.


Excerpt: Restart Web server fails due to conflicting extensions.

Original Post Date: 2009-10-23 14:09:13

Alternative Description:

Restart Web server fails due to conflicting extensions.

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