What to Check for an Invalid License When Registering Zend Guard


Applies To:

[ Zend Guard 5.x ]
[ All supported operating systems ]


When trying to register Zend Guard with a license file, you might get an error referring to an Invalid License.

To manually register Zend Guard during evaluation or while using a different license:

  1. Run Zend Guard.
  2. Go to Help | Register.
  3. Using the 'Search for a license file on my disk' option, try to load a license file such as zend_guard.zl.
  4. To acknowledge the new license credentials, Zend Guard needs to be restarted (Exit then Run again).

Check list

To check the license content, open the license file you received from Zend, or downloaded from your Zend account page, in a simple text editor.

Problem: The Date in the Expires Field is in the Past

Explanation: The license has expired.

Solution: Renew your Zend Guard license on the Zend website using your Zend Account.

Problem: License Version Does Not Match the Product Version

Explanation: For example, a Guard 4.x license will not work for Guard 5.x, a Beta license will not work on GA versions, etc.

Solution: Renew/upgrade your Zend Guard license on the Zend website using your Zend Account.

Problem: Company-Name/Company-ID Field is Empty

Explanation: Your Zend Account details might have been filled with non-English characters and the Guard license generator failed to fill the owner fields in the generated license.

Solution: Check your Company and Contact name in your Zend Account, and enter a name in English characters only. After the names are in English, contact Zend Support or open a support case to generate a new license according to the new Company/Contact name.

Problem: License is Hardware Locked

Explanation: If you have an old Hardware Locked license, it might not be compatible with hardware changes on your computer, or if you have installed Zend Guard on a different computer.

Solution: Check your Zend Account for a Not-Locked license, and use it for registering your copy of Zend Guard. If there is no such license in your account contact hte Zend Sales or Support teams for renewal options.

Problem: License Content Looks Valid But Will Render as Invalid When Loading the File in Zend Guard

Explanation: This might happen if you have copied the license content from an email or web page, and pasted that content to a new rich text file. The rich text format(s) are not parsed properly by the Zend Guard license checker.

Solution: Use a simple text editor (see below for a list of recommended editors) to paste the license content from the email or web page, and save as zend_guard.zl. Then try to register again with this license.

Problem: The Guard License is Still Invalid for Registration Even Though the File Content is Valid and is a Simple Text File

Explanation: There might be a history of Zend Guard versions on the machine with different applied licenses. The following solutions applies mainly to Windows systems.

Solution 1: Run Zend Guard with Administrative rights for the register action. To gain Administrative rights, right click the Zend Guard shortcut or executable file and select "Run as Administrator", then provide your Administrator user credentials. After registering, you should close Guard and run it again as your normal user.

Solution 2: When Guard is closed, replace the contents / file with the new license and run Guard to check if it is registered OK. zend_guard.zl should be under <Install Path>\plugins\com.zend.guard.core.resources.win32.x86_5.5.0\resources.

Solution 3: In order to verify that this is not a deployment problem and save troubleshooting time, perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall any Zend Guard version from your operating system.
  2. Reboot your machine.
  3. Install the latest Zend Guard GA (not beta) and try to register with this license again.

Problem: New License Credentials Are Not Visible In Help | About

Explanation: When registering Zend Guard with a new license file, the registration process works however it is not visible under Help | About menu.

Solution: Exit Zend Guard and then Run it again to load the new license.

Zend Guard License Format

Product-Name = Zend Guard
License-Version = 5.0
Registered-To = COMPANY_NAME
Expires = DD-MM-YYYY
Serial-No = 21
X-Issued-On = DD-MM-YYYY
Hardware-Locked = No
Company-Key = XXXXX
Verification-Code = YYYYY

Recommended simple text editors:

  • Windows: Use notepad (not wordpad).
  • MAC OS X: Use TextEdit and change the format to plain text.
  • Linux: Use any simple text editor such as gedit / kate / vi.

Excerpt: Troubleshooting invalid license in Zend Guard registration.

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