Unable to Access Zend Server UI Using Extended Authentication



After making changes to extended authentication, the UI fails to authenticate, due to a problem with the ldap system. How can authentication be reset so the UI is accessible.


Zend Server

Configured for extended authentication


Manually change the zend_gui.simple directive to "true" in zs_ui.ini.  This directive can be found in the [authentication] section.  For Linux and OS X, the file is located at /usr/local/zend/gui/config/zs_ui.ini.  In Windows, the file can be found at <Zend Server installation directory>\gui\config.

In Windows, you can also run the Support Tool program (Start | Programs | Zend | Zend Server | Support Tool) and select the action "Switch to Simple Authentication".

The section of zs_ui.ini should appear as:

zend_gui.simple = true


The zend_gui.simple directive controls the authentication mechanism mode directly. After changing this directive to true, the UI will immediately use the credentials stored in gui.db.

The admin password (and optionally the developer password) was entered as part of the first launch of Zend Server.

A notification may be displayed in the UI that there is a directive mismatch. You can resolve this by going to the Administration | Users Management screen and using the settings menu to set the authentication to “Simple”.