How can I add new log files to the Zend Server UI?



I would like to add more files that can be tracked by the Logs page in the Zend Server UI.


Zend Server


Add a new entry to the GUI_AVAILABLE_LOGS table with the log file's details.  This record includes a 'name', 'path' or 'directive', and the boolean flag 'enabled'.

The following example is for a non-clustered Linux system. For clustered systems, the data is backed by MySQL, rather than sqlite.  For Windows systems, the database file can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\ZendServer\data\db\.

# sqlite3 /usr/local/zend/var/db/gui.db

sqlite> INSERT INTO GUI_AVAILABLE_LOGS (NAME, FILEPATH, DIRECTIVE, ENABLED) VALUES ('zend_custom', '/var/log/zend_custom.log', NULL, 1);

After inserting the row into the table, navigate to the log page in the UI and verify that a new log entry exists.  If clicking on the entry displays the error "Failed to retrieve log entries: ...", verify that the file exists and is readable by the user zend.


The Logs page in the Zend Server UI retrieves and displays lines from local log files. In a cluster environment, these logs may be retrieved from any server in the cluster. This panel also allows you to search, filter and download the complete file.

The "name" field is for display purposes only.

A log with the path entered will attempt to retrieve the file directly from the filesystem. Note that this is a complete, absolute file path. If "path" is used, "directive" must be NULL.

Alternately, you may enter a "path" with NULL and the "directive" field may hold the name of a directive to use for retrieving the complete path.