Adobe Flash SWF files are not displayed properly when using Zend Download Server


Applies To:


[ Zend Performance Suite 4.x ]
[ Linux ]


When configuring Zend Download Server to send .swf files or when using the "zend_send_file()" API function, the output file is not displayed correctly in the browser.

Technical Details

Zend Download Server sends .swf files with incorrect MIME type, so Flash movies are not displayed properly.

Resolution / Workaround

Locate the file /etc/zend_mime_types.ini and remove the swf extension from the MIME type entry: ''image/vnd.rn-realflash''
then make sure that the file is associated only with the ''application/x-shockwave-flash'' MIME type.


Excerpt: How to fix mime type for Flash files in Zend Download Server.

Original Post Date: 2009-10-23 14:09:13

Alternative Description:

How to fix mime type for Flash files in Zend Download Server

Tags: Debian / Ubuntu,flash,mime,RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS,SUSE Linux Enterprise Server / OpenSUSE,swf,zds,Zend Platform,ZPS,oldKB


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