ToolKit - Change the i5_COMD TCP/IP Keep Alive frequency TCPOUT


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[ Zend Core V2.x ]
[ IBM System i ]


In order to track the frequency (seconds) you want the client station to send keep alive messages to the server, in  a case of non activity from the application during execution of PHP for i5/OS ToolKit extensions.

When the client application is connected, if it doesn't send data to the server, keep alive messages are sent by the EASYCOM from the client to the server, to tell it that the network link is still active. If the server job  doesn't receive any message during a period of time greater than the value set here, the server ends and cancel the current transaction.                            


Change the i5_COMD Daemon TCP/IP Keep Alive frequency(TCPOUT)

To change the i5_COMD daemon keep alivefrequency option TCPOUT, run the following commands from an i5 command line:

  1. Include the Zend Core library in your library list ADDLIBLE ZENDCORE
  1. ZENDCORE/CFGEAC use F4 to prompt the command   
    • For the LIB parameter enter ZENDCORE
    • ENTER, for additional parameters
    • Change the TCPOUT parameter to desired value
    • The keep-alive time interval value of 120 minutes is the default used
    • Use the CHGTCPA to verify the i5/OS TCPKEEPALV value                               
  1. Set special value 0 to disable the keep alive messages:


    Make sure you clear the event log file on a daily basis. CLRPFM FILE(ZENDCORE/LOGFILE)



    A way to specifies the ToolKit daemon amount of time, in minutes, that TCP waits before sending out a probe to the other side of a connection.  The probe is sent when the connection is otherwise idle, even when there is no data to be sent.

    The ToolKit is embedded in ZendCore for IBM System i .

    For more information on i5/OS commands see IBM Information Center (links below)

     For more information see the Sockets Programming information in the iSeries Information Center.

    • When debugging an application set the value to 0

    • In case of network disconnection, the job on the iSeries could remain active



      1. After debugging, set the timeout back to 2 minutes default value:




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Change the ToolKit i5_COMD TCPOUT - Keep Alive frequency

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