How to Configure a Different Port for an FTP / SFTP Connection


Applies To:

[ Zend Studio 7.x, Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.x ]
[ All operating systems ]


It is considered a good security practice to change default ports of the common file transfer services. For example, the system administrator may choose to run the FTP server on port 9021 (instead of 21) and the SSH/SFTP server on port 10022 (instead of 22). Zend Studio can connect to such servers. However, it is not immediately obvious, what configuration change needs to be done in Zend Studio to enable FTP/SFTP connections to a non-default port. This article explains the necessary configurations.


  1. Create an FTP/SFTP connection as usual (see Zend Studio Documentation: Creating an FTP/SSH Connection).
  2. Find your newly created connection and expand it.
  3. Right-click the node Files (or Sftp Files) and choose Properties from the context menu.
  4. In the Properties dialog that opens switch to the Subsystem page.
  5. Change the value of the Port field to port number configured by server's administrator.
  6. Click OK to commit the change.


After committing the port change you should be able to use the new connection with the non-default port.


Excerpt: This article explains how to configure a non-default FTP/SFTP port in Zend Studio.

Original Post Date: 2010-10-23 14:09:21

Alternative Description:

This article explains how to configure a non-default FTP/SFTP port in Zend Studio.

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