Zend Server 7.0 "Invalid License" Notification on Amazon AWS


Applies to

Amazon Marketplace Products:

PHP 5.5 - Zend Server Developer Edition (Ubuntu)


After creating a new instance of the above product, and completing initialization (first run, asking for Admin password, and installing base Frameworks), you might end up with a notification about "Invalid License", although there is no indication of something wrong.


The invalid license error is a bogus alert, generated in the build time of the AMI source.

Everything should operates normally within Zend Server, however there is no trigger to actively remove the notification or manual button (such as "Dismiss" which is available on other notification types).


SSH to the AWS instance with ubuntu user and your private key.

Then, run this SQLite command to clear the notification:

sudo sqlite3 /usr/local/zend/var/db/zsd.db "delete from ZSD_NOTIFICATIONS where type=26;"

Once the command executes without errors, you can check the Zend Server Admin UI and continue to work without the invalid license notification.