Monitor Event Sorting by "Last Occurred" Doesn't Work As Expected



When trying to sort Zend Monitor events by the "Last Occurred" column, the events still appear in seemingly random order.



Zend Server 6.0.0 - 8.0.1



The problem is fixed in Zend Server 8.0.2. To apply the fix to earlier versions, download and run the patch:

$ wget
$ tar xf EventSortingFix_ZSRV-14401.bin.tar.gz
$ sudo ./EventSortingFix_ZSRV-14401.bin



The root cause of the problem is in the way Zend Framework 2 returns results from database queries. The patch fixes this for Zend Server UI.

The attached patch fixes the problem for Zend Server on Linux or OS X. For Windows and IBM System i installations, download the file Mapper.php (attached to this article) and manually replace the original file at <Zend Server installation directory>\gui\module\Monitor\src\Issue\Db\Mapper.php