No Auto Cleanup Of Deployed Packages Temp Files (Fixed)


Applies To:

Zend Server 6.x, 7.x

Deployment Feature

Fixed in: Zend Server 8.5


After Deploying a ZPK, the uploaded file remains in the GUI Temp dir without automatic cleanup. This can fill up disk space and cause service outage over time, depending on the size of packages and deployment frequency.


Proper monitoring should be applied on production servers to avoid getting out of disk space - this is not specific to Deployment but also to logs, working directories and database storage, among other features which can accumulate data on disk over time.

To make sure packages are cleared periodically, monitor and / or remove ZPK files manually after being deployed (even if deployment failed). It is important to mention that the ZPK files are NOT the source for re-deploy or roll-back actions! the actual packages are kept safe in Zend Server DB backend (Single server or in Cluster DB), and will not be affected in any way from removing the temporary uploaded package files.

Location of the temporary ZPK files:

Linux / Mac




Auto Cleanup Fix

The issue was fixed for version 8.5 of Zend Server. If you have already implemented a cleanup routine, you can disable it on Zend Server 8.5 version.

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