Deploy the PHP Toolkit for IBM i library to Zend Server for Windows


This article is now available in our new knowledge base: Deploy the PHP Toolkit for IBM i library to Zend Server for Windows


This article tells how to download and deploy the PHP Toolkit into Zend Server for Windows


Zend Server 7.0.0 for Windows


The PHP Toolkit is available on our site here:


Download the file somewhere on your desktop where you can find it. In the Zend Server User Interface, navigate to Applications -> Libraries, and use the 'Deploy Library' button. Browse to find the downloaded file and open it. When the file is finished uploading, click 'Next'. The prerequisites should be OK, as long as PHP is at 5.3 or higher. Click 'Next'. On the Deployment Summary dialog, go ahead and click the 'Set as default version' check box. Click 'Deploy'. The library will deploy rather quickly.

After the library is deployed, notice the include path is listed in the messages. You will need to use this include path to include the PHP Toolkit library in your scripts. You can add it to the include_path directive for PHP, found in the user interface under Configurations -> PHP -> Paths and Directories. You can also include the path in your scripts using the ini_set() function.


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    Mark stout

    Please add more references to this page or link where IBM i and XMLService discussed on other Web Pages. I have been looking for this page for 8 hours over the last 3 Days.

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    rod flohr

    Sorry for the trouble finding this article. We have several different sections on our site where you might find relevant information. We have the online documentation, the help center knowledge base, the main body of the web site, and forums, for example. As is true of many web sites, these sections are often not extensively cross referenced between them. However, all the sections are indexed for searching, and searching is perhaps the most efficient way to get to all of the relevant information when you have a question. In addition to the search box on our own web site, we are indexed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.