Upgrade Zend Server for IBM i from version 6 or later to versions up to 8.5.x


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How to upgrade from Zend Server 6 or later to the latest version of Zend Server for IBM i, up to 8.5.x.

Note: If your current version of Zend Server is version 9, please refer to this article instead:

Note: Upgrading to version 9 from earlier versions will require a migration.
Zend Server for IBM i version 9 is distributed as a new Licensed Program with different directory and and library locations.  There will not be a direct upgrade provided for version 9 from 6, 7, or 8.  Instead, a clean installation of version 9 will be done, and then applications will be migrated.


Currently running any version of Zend Server 6 or later on any supported version of IBM i.

Note for Version 5

Upgrading from Zend Server version 5 requires a migration.  Some notes that can help you with the migration process can be found in the online manual:

Migrating from Zend Server for IBM i 5.x


You can find the Zend Server for IBM i updates available here:


Note: If the above page is not accessible, please try this temporary procedure to access the downloads.
To download Zend Server and Zend Server updates, please go to zend.com and click the My Account link at the top of most pages.  If you are not already logged in, there are some options on the page.  Please use the one that says "IBMi Login" under the "MyZend Account" heading.  Login with your Zend login credentials.  Under the Account Summary tab, in the list headed "Downloads:", find the "Zend IBMi Server" link.  Click it to access the downloads page. 

Select IBM i in the "Please select your platform" drop down box, scroll down to the "Additional Downloads" section, and choose one of the 'upgrade from' install files. You should choose an Update Installer that matches, or is higher than, the existing version of PHP. For example, if you have 7.0.0 with PHP 5.5, and want to update to 8.0.2 with PHP 5.6, you would select 'Zend Server with Z-Ray for PHP 5.6 (8.0.2 upgrade from 7.x and 6.x)', to download. If you want to stay at PHP 5.5, you would select 'Zend Server with Z-Ray for PHP 5.6 (8.0.1 upgrade from version 6 or higher)', to download. If you currently have PHP 5.4 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to PHP 5.5 or PHP 5.6. The name of the downloaded installer file will indicate both the Zend Server version you will update to and the PHP version. For example:


Once you download and unzip the installation file, you will find a text document in the installation folder that explains how to apply the update as a PTF.

You should also download and install any Hotfixes or Updates that are available for the version of Zend Server and PHP you are upgrading to. These are also found in the "Additional Downloads" section, if there are any.  Installation instructions are included in each download package.

During the installation, you will shut down Zend Server.  At that time, it is also good to verify that there are no additional locks on PHP from additional Apache instances or from php-cli:

Check for locks on PHP files prior to upgrading Zend Server for IBM i