Z-Ray does not load and displays "Failed to communicate with Zend Server. See why..."



When loading a page, Z-Ray does not complete loading and displays the message "Failed to communicate with Zend Server. See why..."


Zend Server 7 or 8


This can most often be fixed by specifying "Z-Ray URL" in the Zend Server UI under Configurations > Z-Ray Advanced.  The value should generally match the pattern http://<URL_or_IP>:10081/ZendServer .  After changing the URL, hit Save at the bottom of the page and restart Zend Server.


The browser component of Z-Ray must be able to access the Zend Server UI address.  The value of Z-Ray URL determines where Zend Server is located.

Some other useful troubleshooting steps are the following:

  • Try using a browser located on the same system as Zend Server
  • Try using a browser located in the same subnet as Zend Server
  • Verify that the system using the browser can communicate with Zend Server on port 10081 (no firewall blocking this port).