Adding README To Describe a ZPK in Deployment Wizard


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Applies to:
Zend Server
Application Deployment Feature

When creating a ZPK for deployment on Zend Server, you might like to add a README to describe the application Purpose, Homepage, Release Notes, System Requirements and Usage Guidelines to the application admin who will be using your application.

Setting Up
To use a custom README in the Deployment Wizard, NO EXTRA CONFIGURATION is needed!

Just place a text file by name README, readme, readme.txt or readme.<any_extension> in the 'data' folder, which is the main ZPK folder before packing (or project root in Zend Studio if using application deployment support).

When deploying the packed ZPK with README file on Zend Server using the Admin UI deployment wizard, you will be presented with the Readme content once uploading your Application ZPK and clicking Next.

Alternatively, if the README file is not present in the ZPK, the Readme section will be greyed out, and you will get the next section (which is Application details).