Guard Loader Crash with Obfuscation Level > 2


Applies to:

Zend Guard Loader


When setting 'zend_loader.obfuscation_level_support' directive with levels 2 or 3, you might get a crash instead of standard PHP output. This happens only on specific code, which involves (as far as we tested) spl_autoload_register().


Fixed loaders are available here for the time being:

for Windows (PHP 5.5+5.6 - copy over installed Guard Loader):

for Linux and Mac (Including README and OPCache - 32/64 bit)

The final packages will be similar to those - for any feedback on the fixed binaries if you used them please open a support ticket for reporting.

This is a temporary build for anyone who has a similar symptom and the patched Loader resolves the issue. For any other problem please open a support ticket.


Tags: ZSRV-15213, guard, loader, crash, obfuscation, windows


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    John Koornneef

    Thank you. This solved my issue with zend_loader.obfuscation_level_support=3