Error Executing Zend Guard 7 CLI Binaries on OS X


Applies To:
Zend Guard 7
Apple OS X

With Zend Guard 7 on Apple OS X, there are multiple locations of CLI binaries.

There is a set of wrappers at "/Applications/Zend Guard".

Those wrappers are calling target binaries at "/Applications/Zend Guard".

When you run the wrapper scripts, they will not parse the location of the target binaries properly.

Error extract:
/Applications/Zend Guard No such file or directory

One way of fixing is to edit all the wrapper scripts and fixing the resolution of the target path.

However, a shorter way is simply to use target Guard CLI binaries as the GUI does,
by simply adding them to the system or user $PATH:

$ export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/Zend Guard"

To make this PATH permanent, add it to ~/.bashrc or system wide environment.

Tags: guard, mac, osx, binaries, cli, error, path


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