Cannot Complete Local Zend Server Auto-Detection From Zend Studio


Applies to:
Zend Server (Tested on Mac with Zend Server 8.5.1)
Zend Studio (Tested on Mac with Zend Studio 13.0.0)


When Studio detects local Zend Server, or you try to detect a local Zend Server manually from "PHP Servers" pane, the process cannot be completed although the Admin password is correct.

This KB collects all known issues and solutions around auto detection failures.

Problem: Wrong Web API Studio Key Stored

We have tracked some issues to "Wrong Web API Key" in the Studio log file. This happens since Studio stores its Zend Server targets in the User home directory, but once Zend Server is being reinstalled (or had a prior version connected to Zend Studio), the API Keys are taken from the local storage instead of being re-read.

Solution to Wrong Web API used

First, close Zend Studio to release the targets configuration.

1. Navigate to your HOME folder:

Windows: %UserProfile%\.zend\targets

Linux / Mac: $HOME/.zend/targets

2. You should have one or more ini files, with corresponding folders, such as:


3. You can check which of the internal conf files corresponds to the local server, by opening the conf files for view and checking if it has "_host=http\://localhost\:10081" or similar URL.

Or - you can choose to remove all targets if you don't need them and wish to start fresh.

4. Now, delete both the <target_number>.ini and '<target_number>' folder, including the conf file, from the targets folder. In step 2 above, if the 0/conf file contains the localhost entries, remove '0' folder and the 0.ini.

5. Start Zend Studio - it should detect local Zend Server, follow up by providing the Admin password and make sure it is added to the "PHP Servers" pane correctly.


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    Robert Hecker

    This process solved my same issue on Win10 Zend Server 9 and Zend Studio 13.5