HowTo: Install Zend Server With 3rd Party Components, Offline


Applies to:
Zend Server 8.5.2
Windows OS


This short KB will help if you are going to install Zend Server with 3rd party components which are downloadable only (see links below), and you cannot access the Internet (or specifically) at the time of installation.


When you are temporarily offline (can connect later)

Install offline with only the installer, do not install 3rd party / downloadable components yet.

Once you connect to the Internet, run the installation file again, choose to "modify", and add the extra components which can be downloaded and added.

When you are offline

Download any component you wish to install offline, and copy / move to the same folder where the installation file is (see screenshot).

Once you have all the components in place, run the installer, and select also the downloadable / optional components.

Zend Server installer will briefly display a "download completed" message after verifying each MSI component in the local folder, and you should complete the installation while offline with the 3rd party components.

Components list

MySQL 5.5.44

MS SQL CLient (32-bit)

MS SQL CLient (64-bit)