Zend Studio ToolBar and Firefox 43.x.x



With FireFox 43.0.x the Zend Studio Toolbar Add On becomes disabled.

The Toolbar, still supported and we do plan to fix it, no ETA as of yet.


Browser (FireFox/IE) running Zend Studio toolbar for Windows. 


The tool bar still available for download from this page, following 'Download Older Versions' link.


To continue using the Zend Toolbar use the following workaround: 

* Enter the URL about:config
* Search ‘xpinstall.signatures.required’
* Change the value to ‘false’
* Restart Firefox
* Install or reaxtivate to continue working with the toolbar


Z-Ray supports a seamless development process, enabling you to directly debug and profile your code in your favorite IDE. Use Z-Ray to identify the issue, and then trigger a debugging or profiling session in your IDE with just one click.

The browser toolbar is replaced by the debug button in Z-Ray, which initiates a debug session in Zend Studio. 

Z-Ray can be set up to display on a per-IP, per application (URL base), for a designated period.




  • Avatar
    Olivier Varrot

    Help help,
    The workaround solution does not work now... We just need a signed XPI file now ... Is it possible to have it ?

  • Avatar
    Vak Poplach

    Notworking on fire fox 48

  • Avatar
    Olivier Varrot

    Zend sent me by email the latest XPI signed and it work very nice on FF48.0.2