WebAPI Deployment to an HTTPS Virtual Host Puts the Application into a Wrong Directory


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Zend Server 7 - 8.5

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Deploying an application to an HTTPS Virtual Host using the CLI tool zs-client.phar installs it in an incorrect directory. For example, deploying an application to the virtual host named example.com will install it in the directory /usr/local/zend/var/apps/https/example.com/80 instead of the correct one /usr/local/zend/var/apps/https/example.com/443.



To get the HTTPS application installed to the correct document root path, you should explicitly specify the SSL port 443 with the option --baseUri in the zs-client command, for example, --baseUri='example.com:443'. As an example, see the following sample command which will install the application at the correct document root:


#/usr/local/zend/bin/php zs-client.phar installApp --zpk='/home/testing-1.0.0.zpk' \
--zsurl='http://example.com:10081' --zskey='test' \
--zssecret='69c46ca4e9265a9366e4cab591d9f1bb338deeb1a8158206c8b897770f274512' \
--baseUri='https://testing.com:443' --userAppName='demo1' \


Note: In case of re-deploying or updating an application that is already deployed to the incorrect sub-directory, you must remove the application first and then deploy it again, so that the application path is regenerated correctly.


We have an open improvement request about this issue which is being considered for Zend Server 9.0.

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