Zend Server for IBM i - Save Zend Server Product Directories


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The save-while-active function allows you to use your system during the save process, save your IBM i system objects while active, along with your other backup and recovery procedures.



Zend Server for IBM i version 6/7/8, running supported IBM i OS versions.



Using save-while-active, The SAV command provides the SAVACT, SAVACTMSGQ, and SAVACTOPT parameters to support saving objects while active.


/* CREATE Save Files required                     

      QSYS/CRTSAVF FILE(MYLIB/ZSDIRSAVF)                       
      QSYS/MONMSG MSGID(CPF0000)                                
      QSYS/CLRSAVF FILE(MYLIB/ZSDIRSAVF)                       
      QSYS/MONMSG MSGID(CPF0000)                                
 /* SAVE - Directories                                            
       QSYS/CD    DIR(/)                                         
       OBJ(('/usr/local/zendsvr6/var/log')) +

       MONMSG     MSGID(CPF0000) EXEC(SNDMSG MSG('ZendServer +   
                         directories Saved in SAVF ZSDirSAVF In +     
                         LIBRARY MYLIB') TOUSR(*SYSOPR))            


 Save-while-active commands

The save-while-active function is an option on the IBM i save commands listed below:

Command Function
SAVLIB Save Library
SAVOBJ Save Object
SAVCHGOBJ Save Changed Objects
SAVDLO Save Document Library Objects
SAV Save
SAVRSTLIB Save/Restore Library
SAVRSTOBJ Save/Restore Object
SAVRSTCHG Save/Restore Changed Objects
SAVRSTDLO Save/Restore Document Library Objects
SAVRST Save/Restore


Saving your system while active