Windows: Zend Server UI Error "HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized"


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Applies To

Zend Server

Windows with Internet Information Service (IIS)



Zend Server UI fails to load with an error message "HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized" as shown in the following image.



Zend Server's user ZendUser is blocked due to password expiration and hence IIS fails to authenticate this user and results in failure of Zend Server UI.



To solve this issue permanently, you need to change the password for ZendUser, set the ZendUser's password to never expire and then update new password in IIS Authentication for the IIS site ZendServer. Please follow the steps given below:

Changing password for ZendUser and setting its password to never expire

1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management

2. In the "Computer Management" window, click Local Users and Groups and double click on Users

3. Right click ZendUser and click on Set Password...

4. Click Proceed, enter new password and click OK.

5. Then right click on ZendUser and click Properties

6. In the "ZendUser properties" dialog box, select Password never expires, click Apply and OK.



IIS Authentication configuration

1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager

2. In the "IIS Manager" window, from the "Connections" pane at left, click on your Computer Name to expand it, then click on Sites and then click on the site ZendServer

3.  Double click on Authentication and then right click on Anonymous Authentication

4. In the "Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials" dialog box, click on Set..., enter the username ZendUser and the password, then click OK.

5. Then restart the Zend Server site in IIS.

Then refresh the Zend Server UI and it should work as expected.