Jobs will not start in subsystem ZENDSVR6 at start up, but can be started individually from the menu



After a new installation, when Zend Server is started, no jobs start in subsystem ZENDSVR6, even though there are several jobs configured to autostart.  However, it is possible to start the jobs individually from the management menu.


 Zend Server 6, 7, or 8, on any supported version of IBM i.


This can happen if the user message queues are not created when the Zend Server installer creates new user profiles.  It is not clear why this sometimes happens, because the message queue should be created automatically by the CRTUSRPRF command.  However, it is easy to correct.

Please log into a 5250 session as QSECOFR or some *SECOFR class user.  From the command line:


If the message displays to tell you the message queue already exists, this is not your issue.  If the message queue creates successfully, please create these as well:



After successfully creating the ZENDADMIN message queue, please retry starting Zend Server to verify that the jobs now start up as expected in the ZENDSVR6 subsystem.

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    Alan Seiden

    Thanks, Rod. In my case, the only queue missing was QUSRSYS/NOBODY. Its absence could possibly explain why ZSDAEMON didn't start.

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