Zend Server for IBM i User Interface won't update, ZSDAEMON not active


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The Zend Server for IBM i UI (User Interface, also sometimes called the admin interface, administrative interface, or dashboard) will accept an entry, but after saving, the entered value does not seem to replace the original value.  No error appears to explain why the update failed.


Zend Server for IBM i version 6 or later, on any supported version of IBM i


When we can't get changes to update in the Zend Server UI, it is usually because the Zend Server Daemon jobs ZSDAEMON are not active in subsystem ZENDPHP7 (version 9) or ZENDSVR6 (version 6, 7, or 8). Please check to see if they is started. If they are not started, please try starting them. Here is how to do it:

From a command line, with a *SECOFR class user profile:

For Zend Server 9:
wrkactjob sbs(zendphp7)

For Zend Server 6-8:
wrkactjob sbs(zendsvr6)

Please verify you have these two jobs listed:

ZSDAEMON     QTMHHTTP    BCI      .0  PGM-watchdog
ZSDAEMON     QTMHHTTP    BCI     1.4  PGM-zsd    

If they are not active please start them:

For Zend Server 9:
go zendphp7/zsdaemon

For Zend Server 6-8:
go zendsvr6/zsdaemon

The ZS Daemon Management Menu will be displayed. Please use option '1. Start Zend Server Daemon'. Wait a couple of minutes, then check the subsystem again to verify that the ZSDAEMON jobs are running.

If the ZSDAEMON jobs won't start when you try to start them from the menu, there are a couple of common issues you can check. Still signed on as a *SECOFR class user:

dspusrprf qtmhhttp

Please verify that the group profile is present. If there is no group profile, this article can help you fix it:

IBM i Zend Server daemons will not start in ZENDSVR6 subsystem - Server, Job Queue, Deployment, and Java Bridge daemons will not start

Please also verify that job queue ZSVR_JOBQ is not held:

For Zend Server 9:
wrkjobq zendphp7/zsvr_jobq

For Zend Server 6-8:
wrkjobq zendsvr6/zsvr_jobq

Verify the status in the upper right corner is RLS/SBS. If it is held, the status will be HLD/SBS. You can release the job queue, but clear out any entries first, so things don't just all start trying to start up if they have been put in there more than once. If the status of the job queue does not include the '/SBS' part at the end, this means the subsystem is not started. In that case, you would need to start it:

For Zend Server 9:
go zendphp7/zsmenu

For Zend Server 6-8:
go zendsvr6/zsmenu

Depending on the version of Zend Server, this will take you to the management menu, or you may need to use option 5 to get to the management menu. On the management menu, use option 1 to start the Zend Server subsystem.

If the job queue is released, the subsystem is started, and QTMHHTTP has a group profile, but the ZSDAEMON jobs still will not start when you use the menu option to start it, please run the Support Tool and send us the output file so we can look at your logs, if you have Zend Support. This article tells how to run the Support Tool:

How to run the Support Tool on IBM i